5 Tips for Creating Custom Labels

Bubbas-ContainerTomorrow is Thanksgiving and I don’t think anyone could have failed to notice the fact that holiday sales have started early this year. I woke up to emails from my favorite retailers telling me that sales were starting tonight at midnight – a definitive switch from previous years when sales didn’t begin until midnight on Thanksgiving night. However, what compels you to select one product over another? Do you know what you want in advance and you’re selecting based on the brand? Or do other factors play a major role in which item you pick up off the store shelf?

For many items, the product labels are responsible for whether it is recognized or selected over another product. Obviously different people are drawn to different labels, but there are some tips you can keep in mind when creating custom labels that will help with a product’s branding.

  1. Define market. Before you can begin designing your label it’s important to have a well defined target market. After all, the labels that will capture the attention of teenage girls aren’t the same as those that would grab the attention of a middle aged man.
  2. Select colors. If your product is going to grab the attention of someone walking down a store aisle, you must be using color well. Is your container clear or does it have a color? You will need to select colors that work well together that your target market will be drawn to. Take the time to do some research. Your packaging should be well thought out since it will be one of the major selling factors for your product.
  3. Graphics. It’s important to have eye-catching graphics on the front of your product. If you have a specific image in mind, you may want to find a graphic artist who will give you a reasonable quote to create exactly what you want. If you’re working with a small budget, you may want to try a website with stock photography, such as iStock. Just be careful to check the license agreement for whatever image you select to make sure you can use it on your products. Some websites may require you to purchase an extended license agreement.
  4. Fonts. Your font selection is critical. If your text is too fancy it may be difficult to read. Whatever font you select, you need it to be easily readable at a glance. Do avoid some of the overused fonts since they won’t be effective in grabbing anyone’s attention.
  5. Shapes. Using a label with an unusual shape is a great way to draw your attention to your product. If you don’t want to cut labels in a special shape but want to create the illusion of one, consider using clear labels with color ink printed on them.

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