Tampa in Line for Two Major Storms

ConventionIt came as no surprise this morning to find that Tampa was trending on Twitter. Between the Republican National Convention and Tropical Storm Isaac, both rapidly approaching, Tampa is definitely the topic of conversation for many.

As a Tampa-based company, we have been and will continue to be affected by these two pending events. Watching the news last night, I was surprised to see all of the changes taking place in the downtown area to make sure everyone is safe during the Convention. Monuments have been boarded up and fire hydrants locked. Barricades have been set up around the convention center and courthouse to control the protesters that will, inevitably, be at the event. Some citizens are getting out of town in advance of the RNC to avoid the traffic lines and disorder.

However, regardless of which side of the fence you fall on and which candidate you will be selecting, there is no denying that the election polls will be busy that second Tuesday in November. The race is still at a statistical tie, with Gallup’s daily tracker giving Romney 47% and Obama 45% and the Rasmussen daily poll at 45% Romney and 44% Obama. With the race so close, every vote will count this November and voter registration is estimated to be high.

Regardless of which candidate voters will be choosing at the polls, there is one thing all of those voters will be expecting on Election Day: I Voted Stickers. Don’t find yourself with a shortage of I Voted Stickers this November. Stock up today to be prepared.

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In the meantime, we, here at LabelValue.com, will be buckling down to watch the approach of the two coming storms.