Protect Your Kids’ School Supplies with Custom Labels

School suppliesSchool is just around the corner and after the tax free weekend in a number of states, many Americans have already stocked up on school supplies for their kids. If you want your kids to hold on to their supplies for the duration of the year, however, it’s important to take the time, now, to label them.

It’s not uncommon for kids to come home carrying the wrong folder or for scissors, pens and pencils to go missing during the year. Your child, after all, may carry items that are similar, or even identical, to those of his or her classmates. However, if you don’t want the items you have spent good money on to be lost or mistaken for another child’s, you should place a custom label on each of your child’s school supplies.

Custom labels printed with your child’s name or initials will remind your child as well as his classmates which items belong to him. Any misplaced items can be returned when located because the labeled item will indicate to the teacher and other students who it belongs to.  School supplies that are great for labeling include lunch boxes, folders, pens, pencils, scissors, protractors, calculators and books.

Will you be labeling your kids’ school supplies this year?