New I Voted Sticker Now Available! is proud to announce that they have released a new I Voted Sticker, just in time for the Presidential Election coming up in just three months!

No matter what your political affiliation is on Election Day in November, there is one thing that all voters will have in common: their I Voted sticker. Americans have always seen voting as a part of their civic duty and most would actually lie before admitting that they neglected that duty. The I Voted sticker is a way to proudly announce to those around you that you did participate in the Election and submitted the vote.

The I Voted stickers originally made an appearance on Election Day back in the 1980s, although the exact year is uncertain. Nevertheless, the popular sticker has become a cultural icon. Many companies have even come to offer promotions to voters wearing the sticker, capitalizing on the press from Election Day.

With Election Day just 88 days away, now is the time to purchase your I Voted stickers for your county and be fully prepared when the big day arrives. For more information or to look at our selection of I Voted Stickers, visit us at We have everything from My Vote Counted to I Voted Absentee to Kids Vote Too.