Do you Know the History of Labor Day

Made in usa stickersWhen I was debating what I was going to write about today, I was thinking about what major events are coming up. While Tropical Storm Isaac and the Republican National Convention are hot topics around Florida, the Tampa area in particular, most of the country is thinking ahead to next week and Labor Day. Labor Day is just a week away and while most Americans will be enjoying the day off of work, it occurred to me that most people, myself included, don’t know the history behind the holiday.

The first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1882, in New York City and was planned by the Central Labor Union. The idea behind Labor Day was to have a single day each year to pay tribute to the workers who have contributed to the prosperity of our country.

Even though the first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on a Tuesday, the following year the first Monday in September was selected as the day for the annual holiday, though still just occurred in New York. The following year, however, Labor Day was celebrated in many industrial centers in the country. Over the years more states contributed to adopt the holiday in honor of workers.

Next week on Labor Day, remember the purpose behind the holiday. It is not just a day off of work and school for adults and kids alike, but a day to pay tribute to the creator of the nation’s strength, freedom and leadership: the American Worker.

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Did you know the history behind Labor Day? What will you be doing to celebrate the holiday?