Cardboard Boat Regattas: The Value of Permanent Adhesive

Have you ever attended a sailboat regatta? How about a cardboard boat regatta?

Yesterday, shipmates at the Naval Station Great Lakes competed for the glory of the ultimate cardboard boat. Crew worked together to design and create a cardboard boat that not only floats but also is the fastest. Points were awarded based on time, aesthetic appeal and team spirit. An honorable mention was even given to the boat with the most Titanic-like sink.Cardboard regatta

These lovely boats were made from cardboard, water-based paint and cloth and held together with Duct tape. The boats were entirely dependent upon the strength of the tape’s adhesive to keep them from falling apart the second they hit the water. Click here to read more about the event.

Just like the Duct tape, LabelValue permanent adhesives are designed to keep labels firmly in place.

There are actually two basic types of label adhesives: permanent and removable. Removable labels, as the name implies, are designed to be removable and not leave behind any sticky residue after the label has been removed from a surface. Permanent labels with permanent adhesives, on the other hand, are designed to remain permanently in place and will be damaged during removal. While the lastability of the label depends on the surface it is applied to, whether it is smooth or rough, round or flat, the permanent adhesive on our labels is designed to stay put. 

While I wouldn’t recommend using labels to make a boat for your own regatta, our permanent polypropylene labels are water resistant and could, technically provide the effect. Would you ever enter one of these boat contests?

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